Focus 25 minutes.

Your productivity buddy for macOS.
Always visible, beautiful, lightweight.

Minimalist! Focus.

A minimalist timer to focus on your work.

It does one thing and does it well.
It's the perfect replacement for your phone's timer or a browser's tab.
It's a super lightweight native application for your mac.

Always Visible! Designed for Pomodoro Practicioners

Always Visible like a real timer.

How often do you slip out of work and you don't remember how you got there?
Your email client, Instagram, Twitter, Slack, etc, they are all colonizing your attention. Other timers will hide in the navbar or in the background.
We designed this app to stick around, it comes with a ticking sound if you need more help to anchors back your focus.

Buy, Install, Use. No account, unlimited updates.

Pay it once, use forever.

Our business model is simple: you pay for the app, you get the app. The app is the product.
Helping you improve your creative output is the feature. No subscription, no advertising. We'll even ask to enable usage analytics.

You'll love keeping this timer around:


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Learn how to apply the Pomodoro Method with our interactive guide.

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