Focus 25 minutes.

Your new productivity buddy app for macOS. A timer clock that stays on your screen and helps you apply the Pomodoro Method®.

Minimalist! Focus.

A minimalist timer to focus on your goals.

It does one thing and does it well.
Use the application to measure your work sessions. The Pomodoro Method® recommends working for 25 minutes then taking 5 minutes breaks, but you can use any time. That is still a timer, after all.

Always Visible! Designed for Pomodoro Practicioners

Facebook hack'd your subconscious, anchor it back.

How often do you slip out of work and you don't remember how you got there?
Your email client, Instagram, Twitter, Slack, etc, they are all colonizing your subconscious. Other timers will hide in the navbar or in the background.
We designed this app to help you anchors back your focus.

Buy, Install, Use. No account, unlimited updates.

Pay it once, use forever.

Let's talk business model.
Ours is simple: you pay for the app, you get the app. The app is the product.
Helping you improve your creative output is the feature. No subscription, no advertising. We'll even ask to enable usage analytics.

You'll love keeping this timer around:


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